“And Now Here We Are” a visual essay about the disproportinate impact of COVID-19 on disabled people, published on Disability Visibility 2021.

“Performance Anxiety” a two-page comic about dealing with peromance anxiety, written by Edward Ross. Part of the anthology “Mental Health For Creative Freelancers” from the Society of Authors 2022. A free resource to give practical advice on the ups and downs of freelancing in the cultural sector, available here.

“Mask Off” a contribution to “Anti-Vaxxers Want Me To Stay At Home” for Wellington Zine Fest 2022. Part of their Disability Zine Projecy, available for free download.

“The Late Show” a webcomic about the Grim Reaper hosting a late night talk show for the dead, co-created with Martin Pilgrim and Jessie Johnson. Available on Webtoon.

Various self-published comics. I have produced a number of various prints and 3 short collections of humour comics “Oh Boy”, “Uh Oh”. and “Oofa Doofa” between 2018 and 2023. The easiest way to see more of these is on Instagram.