An extract of images created to illustrate the essay “Cat Life” in the memoir “Year Of The Tiger” by Alice Wong, published by Vintage Books, 2022.

Poster illustration for the play “We Were Having A Perfectly Nice Time” at Omnibus Theatre 2020.

An A3 folded pamphlet created for Volcano Theatre and Arts Council Wales. I ran a workshop where members of the community shared with me their associations with Swansea high street and I created a narrative map of them. 2018.

Chief flag designer for online singing competition for weirdoes; Morlvision, 2021-2022

Illustrator for “Pokemorl” a legitimate and honest playthrough of Pokemon Wet Blue by Sean Morley 2022.

Illustration for a report on street clutter by Transport For ALL. 2020

A series of illustrations for use on social media and in marketing for Graeae Theatre’s GDIF show 2022.

“All The Leaves Are Orange” A3 original produced for the Equinox art show, Bristol, 2018.

Poster & flyer design for Martin Pilgrim’s 2019 Edinburgh show “I Write Jokes Not Tragedies”.


“And Now Here We Are” a visual essay about the disproportinate impact of COVID-19 on disabled people, published on Disability Visibility 2021.

“Performance Anxiety” a two-page comic about dealing with peromance anxiety, written by Edward Ross. Part of the anthology “Mental Health For Creative Freelancers” from the Society of Authors 2022. A free resource to give practical advice on the ups and downs of freelancing in the cultural sector, available here.

“Mask Off” a contribution to “Anti-Vaxxers Want Me To Stay At Home” for Wellington Zine Fest 2022. Part of their Disability Zine Projecy, available for free download.

“The Late Show” a webcomic about the Grim Reaper hosting a late night talk show for the dead, co-created with Martin Pilgrim and Jessie Johnson. Available on Webtoon.

Various self-published comics. I have produced a number of various prints and 3 short collections of humour comics “Oh Boy”, “Uh Oh”. and “Oofa Doofa” between 2018 and 2023. The easiest way to see more of these is on Instagram.


I am a sight-impaired creator who often works in the field of disability activism.
I have had work published with Disability Visibility, spoken at the Graphic Medicine Conference 2019, performed a takeover of Scope’s Twitter account, as well as working with other disabled lead projects and organisations in the UK, America, and New Zealand to produce work that highlights the disabled experience.

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